Thursday, January 31, 2008


I think Dr. Frank put it best.

I'm in a minimalist mood this evening, so to sum up why I dropped off the face of the planet on you all -

"Life Happened."

So, forgive me while I stagger about a bit, groan and regain my footing.

I could bore you all with long tales what happened, but really, wouldn't you rather rather I spend time discussing the monster (Ten Pin Alley) instead of the state of my dilapidated creepy little castle on the hill. =)

So, here we go. I started this page because I figure it would be more efficient form to give updates on where all the little production bits are at and a little more fun without filling up your inboxes with lots of phooey. (I love phooey, it goes well with chopsticks & noodles.)

I'm also thinking it would be a way for everyone to keep tabs on the monster's progress as we move forward. (Pushes rock a bit.)

  1. The laboratory
    is functioning again. - Igor has put a fresh coat of paint and added a few throw pillows and fixed that pesky switch by the door.

    • I am at this very moment in the AVID editing lab at the U, getting files organized and prepping the bins to capture the scene's shot last fall. I loves me some screengrabs, so expect a few choice images within the week. In particular, I'm looking forward to Gino's Death Scene. (it was an on set last minute addition)

    • Doodleboards (storyboards) are in production, those of you who read the 3rd draft will hopefully appreciate the doodles I'm working on come time to shoot the bowling alley scenes.

    • Artwork for the Blonde Bomber's bowling shirts is almost complete, the artist has inked it, it now just needs to be colored. Once it's complete, we can proceed with the creation of the hot pink bowling shirts.

    • 85% of the items needed for Polly's electrified costumes have been found, a few more items and construction can begin.

  2. Body Parts
    & just a few Sutures, no blood

    I'm looking at scheduling shooting on Sunday's & Monday's and possibly a couple of Thursday evenings in February. Here is a list of scenes left to be shot.

    • Date Night Montage - INT. LAURA's BATHROOM - American Indian Resource Center - UofU Campus, Ft. Douglas

    • The Choke-n-Croak - INT. RESTURANT

    • Stooge Soup - INT. KITCHEN

    • Life's a Drag - EXT. BOWLING ALLEY

    • Bowler's Ballet - INT. BOWLING ALLEY - Town n Country Lanes - Midvale

    • Bowler's Brawl - INT. BOWLING ALLEY - Town n Country Lanes - Midvale

    • Big Phyl's Dream - INT. DANCE HALL

  3. Grave Digging
    Anybody got a shovel? Care to lend a hand?

    • Wigs - Big Phyl is going to need a couple of blonde B-52 beehivesque wigs. I also want to abuse the dummy we're making as much as possible so I'm also looking for a few extra wigs we can throw on it and smack it around a bit.

    • Make-Up Artist – I need a person who would be willing to make you all look a bit mussed up after the brawl.

    • Shirt sizes - Everyone who's a bowler needs to send me a t-shirt size and a shirt shirt size. Depending on how my budget falls out I may or may not outfit some teams with shirts

    • Break away amber beer bottles – I’ve found a few online places that sells them, but the best price so far is over a hundred bucks for 6 bottles. If anyone knows of a better price, my pocketbook would be extremely grateful. (not to mention my tummy, it’s not fond of ramen noodles)

    • Crash Pads - who doesn't love a good crash? Those who fall and break something precious, that's who. I loved falling, diving, and doing anything overly dramatic death defying as a kid. (Almost gave a woman a heart attack once, but that's another story.) Even now, on a whim will do a pratt fall if the mood suits me, but floors are hard and I don't expect or want anyone to do anything dangerous or stupid. However, nothing beats a great fall, solution! Cooshy flooring... I would love to find, rent or "borrow" wink wink something thick and cooshy that would be great fun to flop on when one dives out of frame. If you know of where one might aquire something along the lines of what the gymnasts land on after rotating in the air several times that would be peachy.

    • And there's something else, I can feel it wiggling it's way around the right side of my brain near my ear, just beyond the thought processing factory, I keep throwing the fishing net out there but haven't grabbed it yet.

  4. The lunatic ravings of a mad mind!
    an explanation would ruin the suspense >=}

    • So there was this cow that ran off into the night from the farmer who adored her a bit too much if you ask me, but then I’m not one to judge the private goings on’s between man and cow. But I digress, her name was Clarabell and she ended up following the rodeo circuit. Fell hard for a bull named Brutus. Put 10 riders in the hospital he did, but that was before the days of the PETA on Ice protests lead by the figure ice skater mafia rained down on everyone’s parade. - Excerpt from “As the Worm Turns” Another Exciting Dick Mole Detective Story

And that's it for now gang. There's a pile of phone messages on my phone, there's a blur in my eye, and the tummy is demanding it be fed, and I still have to finish shoveling out the wax between my ears. Much love - Nat

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