Saturday, October 25, 2008

updates - updates - updates

Greetings Campers!

A little update on the status of 10 Pins

  • pre-planning stage for titles & transitions

  • finalizing musical score with the BGO

  • local artist is finalising some pieces of artwork that are vital to setting the tone and mood of the piece

  • debating whether I need one more scene or not... when I get the rough cut ironed out a bit more will be seeking feedback from several fellow filmmakers around the valley I admire

I think I mentioned a while back that I was thinking of posting a clip or a teaser of sorts online. But part of me wonders if that isn't a bit too pretentious. After all 10 Pins is just a short. And another part of me is wondering if taking the time to cut a clip would be better spent just working on the main deal... so that's why one hasn't shown up online yet. Then again... who knows. The bug might hit.

Anyhoo - traveling this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon to get some small stuff and then the lab later tonight.

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