Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm working on my 1st Feature -

I am a lowly PA/Intern/Volunteer. We will see what fun it has in store over the next four weeks.
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

In the meantime - Update on Ten Pins -

Searching now for music composer as the BGO is on hiatus.

And there is a technical issue I'm still working on. (Basically, if I showed it to you as it is... a few scenes would jitter uncontrollably across the screen.) No one wants to see that. Not even me.

*cue flash back*


Nat sits in front of an array of monitors. Her fingers strike the keyboard. The monitors glow with an array of pink bowling shirts and then...

                   MY EYES!!!

Screaming she covers her eyes and collapses to the dingy gray carpeted floor.

*end flashback*

I barely survived.

Anyway - shooting for a mid-July screening on campus for you folks.
Tentatively Friday, July 17th in the evening.

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