Monday, June 2, 2008

Week Deux begins

Here's a video of the train ride to Tours from Paris. (If I ever get it uploaded.)

So, the weekend was interesting. We explored the city more, checked out the gardens. Hung out at the Place Plumereau and got drenched a few times. Saw on the news a neighboring city got flooded from the storm. But here things are ok. Just wet.

The internet is quite slow here compared to the U. I'm very spoiled at home. I miss the speed. In the words of my friend Michelle, "I think that's what's making me homesick. Everything else is fine. I just want my internet!" Yep... we're a couple of information junkies...

Well, time to go to class...

after class

So, didn't get the video to upload. Will keep working on it.

It's weird to get reprimanded for not going out enough. Mme BLONDELLE shooed me out of the apartment Sunday. That was strange, but interesting. Luckily I had already made plans to visit the gardens here.

Well, we're off to a cafe and then it's to home. I have to be home at 7:30 PM sharp.

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