Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st Review

sort of...

"What a quirky little movie." - Brian Patrick.

Bad news Brian said "You've got a lot of all nighters ahead of you."

Good news Brian said "I really want this in the show."


Bowler Brawl: is more than half way there, just need to work it out in my head how to structure the close up shots of the fight. The verbal fight is complete and ready for the final sound mix. It's just the physical chaos I'm trying to get my head around.

I would keep going tonight but I doubt I could get much more done. I have all the clips I want to use isolated. I just can't think anymore. So I'm heading home to sleep and will be at it again tomorrow night for a bit.

PS - if I get the cut finished it will have a temp music track with pop music as I want to get it in the show and don't want to delay you all seeing it anymore than I have to. I can spend time after graduation working on a new sound track for it.

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