Monday, April 20, 2009



  • Opening: still planning out how this one should work - laying down the audio first then the images

  • combined these clips together into a movement:

    • Date Night Prep: has been trimmed down - want to tweak it a bit - but otherwise I'm happy with it

    • Stooge Soup: need to move a few things around to make the emphasis of the moment the proposal of Walt to Laura and needs to move a bit faster

    • Choke -n- Croak: need to clean up and tweak the audio - Walt & Laura sound like they are whispering right now. Need to amp them up a bit.

  • combined these clips together into a movement:

    • Sofa Sadness: rough cut done

    • Kitchen Madness:rough cut done

    • Now need to tighten it down, smooth out the audio, add sound effects.

  • Bowler Brawl: String out is done. Need to complete rough cut.

  • Pool Hall: in string out done - just need to add music and end titles

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