Friday, April 17, 2009

and another one bites the dust...

alright - update

parallel rough cut of stooge soup and the choke-n-croak scene is done.
Need to smooth the edits down, and cleaning up the audio track, but that will be in the fine edit.

next up on the chopping block will be the sofa sadness and kitchen madness. Try to do those tomorrow night.


  • Opening: A very very rough cut was done that has a lot of problems. A friend has suggested a different strategy, so a second go of that is planned for Sunday April 18th

  • Date Night Prep: A long cut of this is done. Needs trimmed down.

  • Stooge Soup: done.

  • Choke -n- Croak: Rough cut is done & has been combined with stooge soup.

  • Sofa Sadness: Currently in a string out - need to cut together the rough cut

  • Kitchen Madness: clips are made - string out in progress - need to complete rough cut

  • Bowler Brawl: String out is done. Need to complete rough cut.

  • Pool Hall: Clips are made and ready for string out.

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