Friday, April 10, 2009

long over due update...

The bad news:

I had/have been failing my French class and I need that to graduate.

The film was set aside for a period of time so I could focus on passing French. I want to graduate. I need to graduate. Graduation is slightly important and something I've been working towards since 1996. So... that's why there has been little to no progress on the film for quite some time.

Now the good news!

I'm *passing* French this semester. (ta da) Graduation is looking like it's a go. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer and we'll see how things go. But I am expecting to be draped in black on May 8th of this year surrounded by friends and family.

Also, my office (coolest bosses ever) are allowing me to cut back my hours a bit during April to finish the film. So, the stone is rolling again, without impacting the study time devoted to French.

So what exactly is the status of the flick?

List of scenes and current status:

  • Opening: A very very rough cut was done that has a lot of problems. A friend has suggested a different strategy, so a second go of that is planned for Sunday April 12th

  • Date Night Prep: A long cut of this is done. Needs trimmed down.

  • Stooge Soup: Rough cut is done. Needs trimmed down.

  • Choke -n- Croak: Rough cut is half done - need to complete the rough

  • Sofa Sadness: Currently in a string out - need to cut together the rough cut

  • Kitchen Madness: clips are made - string out in progress - need to complete rough cut

  • Bowler Brawl: String out is done. Need to complete rough cut.

  • Pool Hall: Clips are made and ready for string out.

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