Saturday, April 18, 2009

closer and closer to a first cut

So, in total there are what I could call four movements. Tomorrow after church (going to drag meself around the block tomorrow morning cause, well... taking time out to not think of me is always a good thing - yes) Anyway - as I was saying tomorrow morning after church I will be stepping back into the lab to work on the post chowder movement. Then and then and then and then... will possibly out put a small clip for people to check out.

On monday evening I'm going to sit down with BP and get feedback from him and we'll see if it makes sense to include it in the spring show. I guess it will depend on how much I can get done between tomorrow and Monday afternoon. But if after the meeting I feel I can get the thing finished up and a final sound mix in by the 27th then the film will be in the show. If however after the meeting I feel that there is far too much work still left to be done, then I'll finish it up and arrange a private screening for cast and crew. Either way, the finish line is in sight.


  • Opening: still planning out how this one should work - laying down the audio first then the images

  • combining these clips together into a movement:

    • Date Night Prep: has been trimmed down - want to tweak it a bit - but otherwise I'm happy with it

    • Stooge Soup: need to move a few things around to make the emphasis of the moment the proposal of Walt to Laura and needs to move a bit faster

    • Choke -n- Croak: need to clean up and tweak the audio - Walt & Laura sound like they are whispering right now. Need to amp them up a bit.

  • Sofa Sadness: Currently in a string out - need to cut together the rough cut

  • Kitchen Madness: clips are made - string out in progress - need to complete rough cut

  • Bowler Brawl: String out is done. Need to complete rough cut.

  • Pool Hall: Clips are made and ready for string out.

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